International Association Against Painful Experiments on Animals

101 misleading Results from Vivisection Animal Experiments

101 documented examples of failures, fatalities, misleading results, mistakes and missed opportunities which have occurred through our acceptance of vivisection.

By Dr Robert Sharpe. Scientific Director of International Association Against Painful Experiments on Animals

Dr Robert Sharpe was a Senior Research Chemist at the prestigious Royal Postgraduate Medical School in London when he found himself at odds with colleagues who tested his chemicals on animals. He resigned his position and began to investigate, what until then he had taken for granted, that animal experiments were vital for medical progress.

The facts proved disturbing and posed fundamental questions about the use of animals. For how could a method that produced such conflicting results be so vital to our health?

Dr Robert Sharpe presents a powerful body of evidence documenting the failures, misleading results and missed opportunities of animal research. Is our acceptance of vivisection the biggest medical error in human history?

The suffering is real, and so it seems are the mistakes.

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View individual misleading results:

  1. Transplant Drug almost Lost
  2. Leukemia and the Nuclear Industry
  3. Migraine Pill's Horrific Side Effect
  4. Suprofen Joins Band List
  5. Animal Mix Deadly Cocktail of Confusing Results
  6. Pesticide Poisonings
  7. Arsenic and the Decades of Failure
  8. Rodent Tests Miss Industrial Cancer Risk
  9. Valuable Eye Therapy Would Not Pass Rabbit Test
  10. Rabbit Test Misses Human Eye Irritant
  11. Slimming Treatment Caused Cataracts
  12. Shock Treatment
  13. Body Chemicals Produce Opposite Effects in Animals
  14. Blood Pressure Pill Leads to Withdrawal Syndrome
  15. Drug Induced Disaster Leaves Thousands Dead
  16. Animal Tests Confuse Painkiller Probe
  17. Diarrhoea Treatment Leaves 10,000 Victims
  18. Women at Risk from Pill Safety Tests
  19. Safe Antibiotics Fatal Flaw
  20. Doctors Warned about Halothane Liver Toxicity
  21. Cancer-Prone Mice Contradict Human Experience
  22. Vivisection Undermines Miners Welfare
  23. Animal Skin Test not up to Scratch
  24. Monkey Experiemnts put Malaria Patients at Risk
  25. Blood Cell Damage missed by Animal Testing
  26. Dog Research Undermines Heart Valve Research
  27. Animal Tests Used to Promote Superior Arthritus Drug
  28. Fatal Diuretic Seemed Safe
  29. Angina Drugs Fatal Effects
  30. Menthol and Eye Irritation
  31. Non-Toxic Ointment Proves Dangerous
  32. Safe Cleaning Agents Damage Animal Victims
  33. Morphine Madness
  34. Chemotherapy Aid Withdrawn
  35. Natural Skin Substance Harms Animals
  36. Heart Treatment Withdrawn
  37. Doctors Warn Against Safe Eye Treatment
  38. Animal-Testes Arthritis Drugs Killed Thousands
  39. The Chloroform Controvosy
  40. Anaemia Cure Fails in Animals
  41. Research 'Paralyzed' by Animal Models
  42. Anti-Cancer Hope Abandoned
  43. Unexpected Eye Problems Led to Drug Rejection
  44. Corticosteroids & Birth Defects
  45. "Harmless" Antidepressant Damaged Liver
  46. Thalidomide
  47. Beagle Dogs Mislead Cancer Research
  48. "Harmless" Ulcer Drug Could Cause Heart Failure
  49. Antibiotic's Deadly Side-Effect
  50. Leukemic Mice Fail Cancer Patients
  51. The First Beta-Blockers
  52. Minor Tranquillizers Produce Major Problems
  53. Rifampcin & The Pill
  54. Breast Cancer Drug Overcomes Conflicting Data
  55. Steroids & the Immune System
  56. X-Rays & Cancer
  57. The Methanol Scandal
  58. Obesity Drug's Horrific Side Effects
  59. Daughters of DES
  60. Heart Drug Fears Groundless
  61. Pethidine Addiction
  62. "Safe" Eye Solutions Fail the Human Test
  63. Toxic Treatments
  64. Animals and Aids
  65. Useful Therapies at Risk from False Animal Data
  66. Transplant Drug Causes Unexpected Kidney Damage
  67. Animal Tests mask Nerve Damage Risk
  68. Cough Remedy Leaves Overdose Patients in Coma
  69. nine SPecies Fails to Predict Liver Damage
  70. Animal Visctims Escalate after ICI Drug Fails
  71. Liver Damages not Predicted... Again!
  72. Animals Starve in Brain Research Fiasco
  73. The Practolol Syndrome
  74. Animals Miss Steroid Eye Risk
  75. Babies at Risk from Talc
  76. Animal Test Minimise Riot Gas Hazard
  77. Lab Rats Raise False Fears Over Water Treatment
  78. Natural Flavouring banned After Misleading Animal Data
  79. Inhalations Test throw False Doubt on Formaldehyde
  80. Epilepsy Model Give Fitful Results
  81. Workers at Risk fri=om Misleading Animal Tests
  82. Dog Deaths Deny Women Contraceptive Option
  83. Useless Treatment Poisons Workers
  84. Piosoning Tests Offer Little Hope to Overdose Patients
  85. Animal Diet Studies Contradict Human Colon Risks
  86. Cancer Cure Delayed by False Animal Data
  87. Monkey Experiments Delay Polio Breakthrough
  88. Antibiotics, Guinea Pigs & Hamsters
  89. Animals Divert Attention from Cancer Prevention
  90. The Dogma of Death
  91. The Opren Affair
  92. Laboratory Animals Fail Stroke Victims
  93. Flexible Animal Test Support Rival Theories
  94. Heart Drugs May Have Killed 3,000
  95. Rats Cast Doubt on Olive Oil!
  96. Bleach Highlights Faulty Skin Test
  97. Smoking Dangers Masked by False Animal Data
  98. Tragedy of the Killer Dust
  99. Transplant Research Misdirected
  100. Drug Danger Undetected
  101. Tragedy Hits Hepatitis Victims

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